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Richard Humphrey: U.S. Prisons Play Illegally Pirated Movies to Inmates

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Update 5/19/2014: News outlets or individuals interested in speaking with Mr. Humphrey need to utilize our contact form here.  We can arrange communication for you if need be.

Update 5/17/2014: The prison, L.O.R.C.I has stopped showing movies entirely. Columbus reports full out investigation. Still no disciplinary action has been taken.

This information has been made available as part of an investigation that was conducted jointly between ScrollDog & Richard Humphrey.   Also, TorrentFreak.com has created a spectacular article with the content we generated which can be found here:  U.S. Prisons Play Pirated Movies to Inmates.

Phone Conversation

kimberlyclipperWarden Clipper places a call to Richard Humphrey in regards to Copyright Infringement taking place at her facility (Lorain Correctional Institution).  Copyrighted Movies, such as “Ride Along”,  “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and others prior to release on DVD are being brought in by Corrections officers and watched within the institution.  An ongoing investigation is currently taking place at the facility.

Having trouble listening?  Click here to download the full audio.

Ohio’s wiretapping law is a “one-party consent” law. Ohio law makes it a crime to intercept or record any “wire, oral, or electronic communication” unless one party to the conversation consents.Ohio Rev. Code § 2933.52.


Supporting Documents



IMG_0174 (1)               IMG_0175

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Sequence of Events

  • Between 2002 & 2006 Richard Humphrey was introduced to copyright infringement behind bars in the Lorain County Juvenile Detention center.  This occurred at intermittent times (depending on dates of incarceration).  The movies were brought in by corrections officers Mr. Whitfield & Mr. Vasselhoff.
  • In 2006 & 2007 Richard Humphrey was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to an ongoing investigation into copyright infringement.
  • statsIn 2010 Richard Humphrey began serving a 29 month prison term in Federal Prison for one count of copyright infringement.  The websites that he operated were USAWAREZ.COM, USATORRENTS.COM, AMERICANDDL.COM, EZPORTABLEDL.NET, WRZNETWORK.COM, MARCHFORAMILLION.COM & HUMPMYSPACE.COM.
  • Richard Humphrey’s attorney John D. Pincura III was and still is a well known, established practicing lawyer and handled the first ever Anti-Trust case out of Cleveland.  Mr. Pincura informed Mr. Humphrey that his sentencing Judge (Leslie Wells – now retired) had children whom were engaged in copyright infringement.  This came about as a result of a discussion between the attorney & the Judge.
  • In 2010 while Mr. Humphrey was  being escorted via elevator by U.S. Marshalls to be sentenced, he was asked by the U.S. Marshalls if various sites that they frequented were illegal.  Sites mentioned were “Justin.TV”, “Joox.net” & “Katz.cd”.  Mr. Humphrey’s response was “Take off your extra set of cuffs, put them on your wrists and stand here next to me”.
  •  In 2011 & 2012 when Mr. Humphrey was released from Federal Prison he was sent to the Oriana House (a half-way house) as part of a re-integration program.  Residents & staff alike brought in and watched copyright infringing movies not yet released on DVD or Blu-Ray.
  • In 2014, Mr. Humphrey was once again incarcerated for an un-related offense and discovered that copyright infringement was taking place at Lorain Correctional Institution by various members of staff; C.O. Cambell and others.


Video Statement


Verbal Statement

“If people are going to prison for copyright infringement where they are supposed to be paying their debt to society and rehabilitate for their crimes, how is it that the prison itself is showing pirated movies?  Why are people even being punished and sent to prison for rehabilitation when it’s clear that the system isn’t able to restrain itself from the same type of activity.
Sites that I operated in their prime like USAWarez.com & USATorrents.com landed me in prison for 29 months for what ultimately wound up being 1 count of Copyright Infringement.  I had talks with the Marshalls who arrested me, they would pull me aside in the elevator and ask me about sites like Justin.tv, Joox.net, Katz.cd and others, if it was illegal for them to use them.  My response was to put the extra set of cuffs that they had available on themselves and to stand in line next to me.  I know firsthand that owners of several large prominent sites of the past were operated by individuals high up in law enforcement positions.  I’ve witnessed and watched copyrighted movies behind bars, being brought in by corrections officers, time and time again, year after year.
The issue doesn’t start with the copyright infringer, it starts with the content producers inability to prepare & release content quickly enough, to set a fair market price and make the content available on an easy to use network.  It’s also the fault of the justice system for imposing draconian laws against the people.  Especially in the United States, where instead of addressing the faults in flaws in various laws and excessively imposed sentences and labels of individuals, things just keep on going, moving along year after year like the people aren’t suffering.  It all boils down to one thing, money.  The legal system in the United States is a business, plain and simple.”   - Richard Humphrey


Legal Statement

All Scans, Information, Evidence & Audios provided above were done so legally and lawfully.  In the State of Ohio, Audio Conversations can be recorded with “one party consent”.  If you feel that we are in violation of State or Federal law, please Contact Us.  Thank you.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank TorrentFreak & Richard Humphrey for making this article possible.  Richard Humphrey had to use a 3rd party in order to provide us with the information provided.  Again a special thanks to Mr. Humphrey for taking the time to slowly but surely deliver the information and ultimately to TorrentFreak for delivering a masterpiece of a story!



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  2. FIBER0PTIC May 13, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    Prison is a breading ground for new crimes, learn from others/history. everyone has legal /division/council in their release group now… evolution

  3. ScrollDog May 14, 2014 at 3:53 PM

    Prison is filled with many, but should only have seating for few. Change is coming.

  4. Hispanical Law May 17, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    Tell me about it. I basically started that whole bootleg thing in 1983 @ Rikers Island. Under the watch of Warden Vernon C. Bain – AKA – Hollywood (amongst Inmates). In those days, facilities didn’t have a video set up for all housing areas, so we invented the Cleanest Dorm Award where all dorms were cleaned and after a Friday check, we picked the winner and then took a VCR to the dorm for the evening.—>Fast4ward—-> I took a camcorder and produced a Music video with Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money” with all inmates as they worked. A copy of it got to Downtown, and 1 night, after already being sentenced, I appear on a Court Roster. WTF? Shortly there after, Officer Felix Tirado walks in2 my housing unit and said, “We’re going in2 Manhattan 2morrow. Gotta pitch a line to the Commissioner”
    –> Fast4ward—> Now I’m sitting in Benjamin Wards Office, and speaking to a person in charge of funding, was given a J&R Music World catalog, and choose over $10,000 in Video production Equipment.—>Fast4ward—> Now, we’re occupying the room in the Gym over the stage @ C-76, put everything together, was given clearance by DOC to go up on the roof of the building, and wired every single dorm directly to our production site over the Gym, Now every1 had movies. Me? A Color ID, free rein of the prison, (Even between Counts) I had it poppin! —>Fast4ward–> Now I’m copying movies (Porn Also–Yea Porn!) And walked around with a list of all the movies we had. I say we, cause it couldn’t be done without Officer Felix Tirado who supplied me with a never ending flow of VHS movies to copy, and sold copies to Officers throughout the building and gave the $$$ to Officer Tirado and he deposited my part in2 my Commissary. I even went as far as to accidentally showing the whole C-76 Little Girl Blues-(X-Rated). –> Fast4ward—> 2009 arrested by the FEDS for Uploading a movie. Sentenced, Time done. Back home. I say that, to tell you this, IT ALL STARTED IN PRISON for me..

  5. Steve May 28, 2014 at 6:51 PM

    HAHAHAHA I know this fucking guy!

  6. Johnc630 July 18, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    So what has happened with this investigation? I bet nothing…

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